Door Maintenance & Installation


For warranty coverage to remain in effect the following must be followed:

  1. Adequate finish on all door surfaces as detailed below.
  2. Proper adjustment of hardware attached or fitted into the doors (including the hardware fasteners) as detailed below.
  3. Proper storage and handling as detailed below.


  1. Wood is hygroscopic and dimensionally influenced by changes in moisture content caused by changes within its surrounding environment. To assure uniform moisture exposure and dimensional control all surfaces must be finished equally.
  2. Doors are not ready for finishing when initially received. Before finishing, remove all handling marks, raised grain, scuffs, burnishes and other undesirable blemishes by block sanding all surfaces in a horizontal position with a 120, 150, 180 grit sandpaper. To avoid cross grain scratches, sand with the grain.
  3. Certain species of wood, particularly oak, contain chemicals which react unfavorably with foreign materials in the finishing system. Eliminate the use of steel wool on bare wood, rusty containers or any other contaminate in the finishing system.
  4. A thinned coat of sanding sealer should be applied prior to staining to promote a uniform appearance and to avoid sharp contrasts in color or a blotchy appearance.
  5. All exposed wood surfaces must be sealed including the top and bottom rails with a minimum of 2 coats of a sealer.
  6. Dark colored finishes should be avoided on all surfaces if the door is exposed to direct sunlight, in order to reduce the chance of warping or face checking.
  7. In addition to the above, Birch doors must be given special care in field finishing procedures. Water based stains, sealers, and primers may cause veneer seem separation or cracking and checking of the veneer. For staining, only oil base stains may be used. Birch must be filled and/or sealed before the stain is applied. If painting Birch doors, they first must be thoroughly sealed with a quality oil base wood primer and sealer. Allow adequate drying time between coats, 24 hours or longer. Prior to painting, inspect for any visible splits or open seams which must then be filled with wood filler and sanded smooth. You may then proceed with a lacquer or oil base finish. This method must be followed or the warranty is void.
  8. Use a flat or satin finish. High-gloss finishes are not recommended.


  1. Doors shall be allowed to become acclimatized to finished building heat and humidity before hanging.
  2. Do not impair the utility or the structural strength of the door in the fitting, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering the door for lights, louvers, or other special details. Approximately 24 mm. (3/32") clearance on each side and 24 mm. (3/32") to (1/8") clearance at the top shall be allowed.
  3. Pilot holes must be drilled for all screws that act as hardware attachments. All hardware installations must follow the listing specifications as per the directions for an approved fire rated opening.
  4. Three hinges shall be installed for doors 2134 mm. (7'0") in height or less. Allow one additional hinge for each additional 305 mm. (12") of door height or portion thereof.
  5. Labels on fire doors shall not be removed. Doing so voids the label.
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